• Not. Without self preservation you can't help anyone else. However if you are for yourself AND others like it says in The Bible - Love thy neighbor as thy self then if you are not for yourself you wouldn't love your neighbor much, either, would you? Why does it have to be one or the other anyway? There are many other possibilities! Like maybe some people are for themselves and others share what they have? You know, a little more like REALITY? And your catastrophic attitude is so dramatic its comical! Pull your head out of that propaganda and think for yourself!! You don't have the blessing of color and possibilities in your life if you only see in black and white. That's not reality.
  • Agreed, selfishness is the human motivation in the world to benefit from.
  • Socialism has never worked, dude. No matter how you try to frame it.
    • Linda Joy
      And the ridiculous idea that the nation and the world is finished if there are selfish people in it has very obviously been disproved throughout all history!! These idiots think because they just learned about something it never existed before their knowledge of it! Hahahahaha!
    • Archie Bunker
      It's the same drivel from Judge. He posts open-ended questions like this and doesn't still around to justify how he's coming up with it.

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