• I use Blurtit but a good one with people of all ages is GirlsAskGuys , You make a Username up and it's pretty nice ask all kinds of questions my name on there is GoodGuyBreakingBad
    • StraightEdgeSociety
      I use Yahoo Answers DeadManWalkingTheUndertaker
    • cheesebrain_
      really? i never knew, i will add u up.
    • StraightEdgeSociety
      Thank you same here :)
  • Yes, a couple. They were made when MSN's Q&A closed and a lot of former members are there. In fact it was one of them who suggested this site to me. My son likes reddit.
  • Yahoo Answers is for clowns who get barred from Quora and Reddit. Stay away from that hole of a site.
    • cheesebrain_
      quora is to formal for me, i enjoy a lot in YAhoo answers, altough lot of trollin is goin around, it's fun, actually a lot fun.

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