• It's peaceful
    • cheesebrain_
      agreed though
  • Yes it's dead on here not too much going on
  • If each of you had asked 5 or 6 questions and answered a dozen instead of complaining we could each have answered them and it would be much more productive! If the 4 of us asked 6 questions that would have been 24 new questions plus 4 dozen older questions reintroduced would have given us a total of what 72 questions introduced into the questions list! C'mon guys! Get to work! I have to get groceries and have labs drawn today and chemo tomorrow, but I'll do what I can! And I really like Black Mystique's answer, too! Its like family.
    • cheesebrain_
      yep, linda. thats a great plan, i'll do it right away
  • Because it's a website. How can we hear people's voices?

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