• I caused a computer problem (tight deadline, non-standard db contributing factors) at my old company. Pretended I didn't know. Presumably, there was an impact after I quit. Never cared.
    • Nick1302
      But were you putting people health at risk?
  • I can't read all what you wrote. I would have copied and pasted it in an editor, to read it all if it weren't for the typos. You need to proofread! Most people would just give up and not answer. So you don't feel responsible, many inept people work in facilities that serve people. It is their job to do what they are told. If you weren't instructed to dry the floor, most of which have a drain in them anyway, then its not your fault. Also The Health Department is supposed to inspect and catch these things, but if they didn't and you still feel responsible call the health department anonymously from a multi-user phone and ask them about it. You don't necessarily have to tell them where it is, but can if you feel you should. Also if anyone is that sensitive to mold and mildew they should take the precautions they need. In any case masks help! haha.

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