• Because we're sugar, spice, and everything nice. And dying isn't nice, of course!
  • Ladies do not have to go first anymore. Women go in the military now too. If you on a date, it might be a good idea to open her door 😄
  • Because that way you can make sure no one but you is touching her back side.
  • Because it's the right thing to do. It's a man's job to be protecting of women.
    • Archie Bunker
      That's kind of a mean thing to say. And it's exactly the opposite of what my comment was.
    • Cruiser - IYNGUYCPL
      In the good ol days it was a form of chivalry meant to afford the woman the ability to pass through doors without a sneak attack from ass grabbers.
    • Archie Bunker
      Chivalry is dead. Killed off by the feminists.
  • Wishing death on others is offensive, especially when it's in a sexist manner. I'm telling you this because I've flagged several of your offensive questions and posts and they have been removed, but obviously you just don't get it. If you continue with the death wishes and sexist remarks obviously something more will need to be done. How about you stop acting like a spoiled rotten ignorant idiot and knock it off!? Preferably before you get put in the penalty box or banned.
    • Je'sean
      I was angry when I posted this and the other offensive questions so I love women but what I hate is the ladies first rule.
    • Archie Bunker
      How old are you Je'sean? I'm curious just because of how I was raised to treat women vs. how that has changed just in my 50 years.
    • Je'sean
      I’m 25 but Everyone should be treated equally not differently because of their gender.
    • Creamcrackered
      We are different because of our gender Je'sean, men are stronger than women because they are larger and have more muscle mass, and they have a penis. Believe me you may not like women going first chivalry, but think yourself lucky, if you want to go a piss you can just whip it out, where as a woman has to get her whole bottom half out and full moon everyone, secondly you don't have periods for a large part of your life, fancy wearing sanitary pads/tampax, getting sore swollen breasts and having to use painkillers and a hot water bottle once a month for cramping and back ache? Neither do you have to carry a human being around in your womb for nine months, suffering swollen ankles, stress incontinence, and then push out a babies head stretching your genitals, to a point they often tear, or have to be cut before the baby tears you. Then you don't have to suffer leaky breasts when your milk comes in and you breast feed and get sore nipples. I could go on. Often once a man see's what a woman goes through, they are often are thankful that they weren't one, and then maybe they'll have a newfound respect. I appreciate men also have to go through things, but unless you are dealing with a transgender most men would not like to be woman in their next life, but a woman would be a man.
    • Je'sean
      I’m not saying men and women are the same I’m just saying we shouldn’t be treated differently because of our gender.
    • Archie Bunker
      I'm not sure I agree with your argument, cream. Women might have all that shit to go through, but at least they don't have to go down with the ship, right? Women and children to the lifeboats; men, give up your life jackets. That being said, I was raised to think that men are the protectors and the chivalry is the way to go. Opening doors and the like. Now it's just called chauvinist and many think it plays into the BS idea of the "male patriarchal society."
    • Je'sean
      First of all that was a very long time ago when that ship sunk second of all it’s sexist to treat others differently because of their sex.
    • Linda Joy
      So why don't you go get a mammogram and a pap smear if you want to be treated the same? Would you like to earn less money as well? How about you get knocked up and then left to deal with it by yourself? And while we're at it why don't I pick you up, throw you in the floor and kick you in your face just because I'm bigger than you? Better yet why don't I sell you as a sex slave? Do you think its sexist to say women should die first?
    • Je'sean
      I’m not saying all women should die first just the one’s who expect us men to let them go first.
  • It is positive language and respect given to all the women's. Women are also known for lucky champ and positively seen in every field you go. 😇
  • Since men are physically stronger and taller: ladies first means a man has got a woman's back.
    • Archie Bunker
      Be careful, Jenny. You're gonna piss off the feminists. Remember, girls can do anything a man can do, right?
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      Right, but only if the females are on steroids. ^_^

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