• If so, you are wrong. You are believing a Catholic Dogma / Lie. 1 John5 v 7 does NOT mention the word trinity. The Greek word for three is NOT 'tria' it is in Fact 'treis'. You are using a Catholic so-called Bible. 'tria' is Latin. Trinity is actually a Catholic invention. see C.C.C. 251 Please also see the links below. The articles on both are v.v.short. I hope this helps. The word trinity is not in the OT either. It's a Roman Catholic invention, and its assertion in CCC.251 is fallacious & deceitful. . You cannot base a so-called doctrine on a word that does not exist in Scripture. Please do not quote the NIV or any other Catholic Bible at me. Catholicism has never been Christian. KJV ONLY PLEASE.
  • Is that you Butterflies67? Talk about sock-puppet accounts. Your grammar and the way of quoting Bible verses is identical: Now this deserves a *Facepalm.* This is why I'm great!
  • What scripture? I’m Jewish. We have a different way of knowing god. The Christians have theirs. As do the Muslims. I’m a henotheist as well. All of them could be right.
  • To answer your question for the sake of arguing, as you are looking for a fight by your rant, I believe in the Trinity, since there are many scriptures that prove Jesus and the Holy Spirit are God. To go to 1 John 5:7 and see how the Trinity forms, Jesus is the "express image" of the Father, (Hebrews 1:3), while the Holy Spirit is called God. (Acts chapter 5)

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