• We can definitely do something to at least minimize the spread. That is, continue to wear face masks, use hand sanitizers, along with keeping social distance.
  • America was already damaged by poor leadership for decades. The culture here glamorizes bad behaviour and has ceased to reward hard work and innovation. China has been walking all over us more and more since Richard Nixon was president. Covid-19 attacked the world with equal opportunity. The USA just made the most out of that opportunity by reacting like a toddler and thinking that screaming at the virus would save us. Whatever happens, people will survive this and whoever does will rebuild things, hopefully better than before, or else this will just repeat itself until things are rebuilt properly, or until we go extinct.
  • Don't bother. BLM is coming in to save us all.
  • You feel sad because you want to. You are choosing to only see the bad in this situation. Have you even tried to look for the good that has come because of the pandemic? Like a more sanitary world, closer families, people learning new talents, less pollution, less car accidents, less pediatric respiratory infections, less STD's?! (I would have thought that would increase!) But since you prefer to be sad and dreadful, keep feeding those feelings and telling yourself how miserable everyone is. I'm not buying it. People are as happy as they choose to be!
    • Linda Joy
      Haha, I just realized covid put an end to all school shootings

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