• How is knowing whose fault it is going to make any difference? Just clean it up! Kitty litter soaks up excess oil, but you'll need to scrub it with a degreaser to get the rest up.
    • Nick1302
      Because if its not my fault, then I'd rather not put the effort into cleaning it up, as its overwhelming.
    • Linda Joy
      If you find it overwhelming to pour some degreaser on it and scrub a little, then you're you're never going to be able to do what it takes to properly maintain a vehicle. I suggest you get a bus pass and live a limited life.
    • Nick1302
      Scrub a little? The entire driveway has oil on it.
  • It's all your fault, so man-up. None of it would have happened if you did not have a leaky truck. Blaming it on your mom's cars is an excuse to justify your actions. What you should do is clean any oil mess you see in the driveway and be thankful your mom didn't tell you to park your clunker on the street.

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