• I'm ambivalent about it. People are going to do what they are going to do. It also has benefits.
  • Only if it's used to diagnose patients with a qualifying medical condition.
  • why not?😇
  • Many parts of the marijuana plant are already legal. Hemp, for example has many uses. In fact, the US Navy grew it prolifically for line (aka rope) back in the day. CBD is being recognized for its medical uses. I think its just the THC that is still illegal in some places, but in other places its legal, too. I think whether its legal or illegal it should be the same nationwide. And I don't think its any worse than alcohol. If it is legal it should be taxed similar to cigarettes, alcohol, and luxuries.
  • No, for the following reasons, - You are then taxed on it, just like alcohol. Many people become addicted to it. It affects your ability to drive and operate machinery. It can trigger schizophrenia, cause paranoia, and other mental health problems. I believe it should stay available for medical purposes, but only things like chronic pain in cancer.
  • Yes, as long as people don't drive while high on weed or abuses it to the point that small children get hold of it .. See weed is okay as long as it's uncontrol by the Governormnet or US President.

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