• I don't really have a recipe. I like cooking beans in them and meat. One Thanksgiving I planned to cook at my son's house and the oven went out. I cooked a turkey in two crock pots and a pan on the stove. Haha! And not just the turkey but the whole dinner! I like to use a piece of meat and throw in potatoes, carrots, onion and celery sometimes mushrooms or gravy or maybe rice instead of potatoes bell pepper if you like it, maybe some hot pepper if you like. Or perhaps you'd prefer a tomato base or stock. Crock pots are very versatile. I like to cook beans all day in them. I used to use bacon fat, but now I use bacon bits because of my cholesterol. I cooked ribs once at Bethany Home on the grill. But the crock pot would be good before grilling as well. Did you put a sauce on your ribs? What else did you have with it?
    • Black Mystique
      It was good. The cut of ribs wasn't what I wanted due to the meat the limited meat select last weekend. I'm going to try this tater tot dish this afternoon. Wish me luck

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