• Do whatever makes you happy.
  • It sounds like a coronavirus issue. I wouldn't suggest you kill yourself. What you should do is see if you are having symptoms like fever, coughing, sore throat and headaches. If you are, stay in touch with your doctor.
  • That's so ridiculous you probably need to see a mental health professional about your thinking process or lack of one!! I could barely read what you wrote because you obviously didn't proof read what you've written. "So I out some hand sanon" What does that even mean?!! And like you said you could have used a mask. Are you sure you're even old enough to drive? You sound like a grade schooler!
  • I would call your doctor, primary if you experience any CV symptoms. Next time I'd wear a mask. Plus if possible take some lessons in assertiveness. Lastly you shouldn't kill yourself. Be kind to yourself.
  • Ummmm, so yeah. You seem like the panicky type. If I were you, I'd relax.

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