• Of course they've done this to Christians for years, too. But the left don't care about Christians so they don't draw attention to that. Ugh! Politics sickens me. People are people and they should be allowed to believe what they choose without persecution or prosecution! Unless they break the law, then they need to be handled according to the law. But where exactly is that line?
  • Yes. It was a big deal in the media years ago, but people moved on to hating the Chinese government for other reasons. China executes more convicts than any other government. They have no transparency in their executions, either. They have been widely known to have executed people for crimes that no other government on Earth will execute a person over- not even Iran! China is the most polluted nation on Earth. China has worse freedom of speech than North Korea. Part of China have the worst sanitation, and the government has taken no action to change that. China even once gave every person a wood stove and a hopper of raw iron ore and commanded the people to smelt steel out of the ore. Of course, this was impossible, because you need a fire much hotter than you can get out of a wood stove. It was just an excuse to execute people they didn't like. I feel horrible for the billions of people who live under the oppressive government there.

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