• I don't understand it either Linda, these sites are not English Grammar sites, they are question and answer sites and are mainly for social purposes, I find Grammar Nazi's unable to take social cues in understanding that their behaviour is controlling, and antisocial, especially when someone has said that their alterations to their grammar is unasked for. Mbaye it's a cumlpuvise baheuiovr and so they are uanlbe to cntoorl it.
    • Linda Joy
      I was just kidding when I first posted it, based on the few questions about unhealthy behavior, but then noticed someone correcting me and making a mistake doing it. Well, you know I couldn't let that go without correcting them! I don't know why that's my first response. It makes me just as petty as they are, but I get even more upset that I let them get to me and respond. Maybe I should schedule a counseling session with myself... no wait, that's yet another dysfunction! hahaha
  • Meh, as long as someone makes an effort, I don't get bothered by a few typos. However, if a person is attempting to make a compelling argument to convince another person of something online, that person should try to make every effort to look credible by using proper written language. It's not only more professional, but make communication much clearer for those reading it. It can also be irritating on the eyes if a person asks a question without making any effort at all, and also tends to lead me to believe that they don't really care enough to come back and read the answer, so I might as well have a little fun. If anyone thinks it's mean spirited of me to poke fun at typos or usage mistakes that would have required minimum effort to correct, and that the OP will almost certainly never see (let alone bother to correct), then I guess I'm guilty as charged.
    • Linda Joy
      Meh, as long as I get my point across they can answer or not. I get a lot of emails from this place I don't have time to look at them all. If I were submitting it for a job application, resume or to be printed in a paper somewhere I'd run it through spell and grammar checker, but on AB sometimes its 2 am and I've had a rough day. And I also understand some of these people speak several languages and maybe they didn't get it right. If they have asked me to help them learn English I will correct their mistakes. If I can't understand what they're saying that's another matter. But if someone makes a typo its not o.k. to assume they're stupid. And I've poked fun, too. And been guilty plenty. See that sentence fragment? I'm not even going to fix it cuz I'm lazy and I don't care. Not really I did it because sometimes its fun to press buttons and see if it makes the OCD grammar Nazi's heads explode!
  • It is compullsory to have a decent domain of your native language. It will show that you are an educated person that have attended school or university, and have opportunities in the communication sector of the economy and have promotions in the company you are working for.
    • Linda Joy
      But I'm not educated. I'm on the doorstep of dead. I've worked all my life and communicated with millions of people quite well actually. At one time I filled a billet for a messenger on a fire party on a sub tender (that's a Navy ship) I had to know the NATO phonetic alphabet. Don't confuse casual conversation and lack of complete sentences with ignorance and lack of education. Just because someone didn't go to "university" doesn't mean they're stupid or illiterate. It could be a miskey or misspell or even autocorrect or voice to text editor messing with what they meant to say. Not going to school doesn't mean you haven't learned anything.

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