• Yes. People are going to die anyway. The country needs to collect taxes, and if they don't lift restrictions people are going to break the law. The hospitals are laying people off because they don't have any business because of the halt in elective or non emergent cases here. People need to go back to work. Its what gives people purpose!
  • I support gathering the information necessary to make a prudent decision. Maybe more people will die if businesses stay closed. Maybe more people will die if businesses reopen. Maybe the solution is to reopen businesses gradually or maybe there is a simple solution of getting people to actually wear their PPE. At this point, no one has any clue what is happening, because the government wasted two months when it was most important to hunker down on researching as many treatments as possible and to learn about how the virus spreads. Instead, we were spending all of our resources looking into a drug that researchers had little hope for and screwing around trying to prove that the virus was a secret weapon from China. All the while, our fearless leader literally suggested that doctors try injecting human beings with household disinfectants or to shine sunlight inside of people to cure them, and then tried to blame the lack of available tests for a disease discovered in late 2019 on Obama, who left office in early 2017. We've now seen, in Michigan, a security guard being shot by a man after he politely asked the man's wife to make sure her child wore a mask in accordance with store policy, and another case where a man was asked to wear a mask and responded by wiping a booger on the employee. Perhaps this is the end of our species, not because a virus will wipe us out, but because we have become too stupid to survive.

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