• Definitely a possibility. It's always good to have each party carry control on or the other, but not both
  • Where do you live, Shaky? Are you wishing for the destruction of America? This will never happen! Unless something drastic happens, Trump will win reelection.
    • Shaky_1991
      I live in Texas.
    • Linda Joy
      What part? I lived in El Paso for a while.
    • Shaky_1991
      DFW metroplex.
    • Linda Joy
      I've been to that airport. It was huge back when I was a kid! Its probably an entire city now!
  • Yes, it is likely. The people need leaders to help build the economy to have jobs and will give power of house, senate and president to any party to do so. Now Trump is not likely to be trusted to have all powers because his policies and competence is in doubt. Trump need do whatever he can to build the economy and create jobs for people in a short time before election. He must build both the supply and demand side of the economy in a short time. Supply means he must make as many people to be employed by passing bills and executive orders and be pro china to let business have access to china supplies to make products. For demand side, he need to make sure people have salary and money to spend by giving free vouchers with expire dates. Trump has to take extreme measures or he will only have Trumpster votes which is not enough to be president.
    • Linda Joy
      Wanna bet? You are aware the Democrats started the KKK... both times!! Democrats would ruin the country! And China started the coronavirus, possibly on purpose to limit population. You have much to learn "grasshopper"
  • At this moment, I would only say that it's possible but not probable. If I had my way, we'd do away with political parties every ten years or so, to try to reduce the amount of tribalism in our country. I try to vote on the issues instead of on party lines, which is why I saw 2016 as such a disaster- neither major party had anything worthwhile to say. At least Obama had empty promises of things that I liked to hear- none of which he followed through to the end. But 2020 similarly promises one of two candidates who are creepy, grouchy, and senile. Senators usually get easily reelected by their constituents, and nothing really ever changes at any rate. Establishment Democrats are just establishment Republicans who like abortion. I don't like abortion, but also don't like most of the establishment positions on governance at its fundamental levels, so, as a result, I guess I ultimately don't care how this election turns out at the national level.
  • Yes I do think the Democrats will make a clean sweep of the House, Senate, Presidency How Chump mishandled COVID-19 is a disgrace. Firing Richard Bright MD for disagreeing with him. Firing IGs , ie watchdogs. Whose protecting us when they get fired . Urging reopening of the US no matter how unsafe it is. Biden is far from ideal but he's a far far better candidate then Trump
  • Nope. Biden doesn't even know what century he's in.

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