• I don't think I could ever run 100 mph but I have flown well over 150 mph when I was flying airplanes as the pilot.
    • Linda Joy
      The game says you can, if that is what you choose! And airplane is not the same anyone can fly on an airplane.
    • Thinker
      I would prefer to fly IN an airplane than ON one! I am not a wing walker! There is a difference between riding in an airplane and being the pilot controlling the airplane. Riding is passive while pilot is active.
    • Linda Joy
      If I were younger I'd like to try the wing walking thing. And yeah its like the difference between driving a car and riding in or on one.
  • Running 100 mph would be useful. Flying 10 mph, when a calm wind blows more than that, would essentially make me into an uncontrollable balloon, floating away helplessly. I'd certainly choose running.

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