• Jeez, what a question!
    • Linda Joy
      Take note of the category, dear.
    • Dereksun
      How is it?
  • I find your joke question very meqn-spirited. I was born with a facial disorder that can cause eyes to be somewhat far apart, different colored eyes and a flat nose bridge.
    • Linda Joy
      I think it was your own feelings you reflected on the joke. I actually thought it would be funny to get a mask of a dead president and wear it over the surgical mask. It was all in fun, dear. You can't help a congenital disorder. But also don't assign your feelings to others. I assure you I did not posess a mean spirit when I keyed this question. I was laughing. I'm sorry your feelings were hurt. Have you ever talked to a counselor about your feelings? Or have you talked to your doctor to see if anything can be done if it bothers you that badly. I think different colored eyes would be fascinating!
    • mugwort
      I am grateful for your reply being sensitive to my feelings. I too think diff. colored eyes are fascinating. I did see a genetic counselor.
    • Linda Joy
      There are some places where political correctness has not yet caught up. For some reason, some people think its still o.k. to make fun of fat, ugly and stupid people. And ugly is a matter of opinion. I've seen people with hideous scars that are some of the most beautiful people I know. I dated a guy once and in the beginning I thought he was ugly but he was sweet and the more I got to know him the more attractive he became to me. Don't sell yourself short.
    • mugwort
      You're reply was very considerate, thoughtful. Yes ugly is a matter of opinion. I think Joaquin Phoenix is gorgeous; OTOH some people thinks he's a monster due to his cleft lip. I think his scar is hardly noticeable. Perspective, perception can be crucial.
  • Yes. And I can walk around with my mouth half-open like a moron & no one notices!
  • Jesus said (paraphrased) "It is what comes out of the mouth that makes a person ugly." A mask cannot level the field of an ugly person although it can muffle them somewhat.
    • Linda Joy
      Actually I heard the joke on the radio. I'm just sorry so many chose to take offence instead of seeing the humor in it.

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