• Our official end of our social distancing mandate here is May 15, but our governor and state legislature have been at odds about loosening the policies the past couple of days, so it will likely either end or be very relaxed soon. I don't think anyone who is taking this seriously is suddenly going to start making out with strangers out in the streets the moment the mandate is lifted, so I fully expect a slow and lukewarm return to a new normal. Hopefully, the lack of available testing up until now won't prove this all to be a huge mistake, but odds are that herd immunity has improved enough to slow the virus's spread to something more manageable. We 100% can't wait for there to be a cure before we leave our houses, but I am all for the appropriate amount of caution.
    • Linda Joy
      "Making out with strangers..." made me lol. But then I thought about how the prostitutes need to go back to work, too! If they ever stopped. Many are addicted. I wonder if this epidemic has changed what they do, scared any of them out of the business or how many of them died from it. Sad. Anyway, here the stay at home order has been lifted, but we have to wear a mask when we are in public. If you don't its a $500. fine and up to a year in jail. They have drive thru covid testing here. I had to be tested I think to keep the hospital staff safe because I have to go in. They take our temp and squirt sanitizer on our hand before we are allowed in the hospital. But this drive thru testing only determines if you are currently infected, not if you've ever had it. They are going to open several more around the city. The face masks make it hard to breathe and fog up my glasses. They have instructions for DIY face masks online. And one is so simple all you need is a bandanna or square cotton cloth and two rubber bands. They show you how to fold it. The libertarian in me wants the government to back off their control. I understand the need when the danger is unknown and lives are at stake (like in the beginning) but when the virus peaks they need to back off the control. People can still choose to be prudent and protect themselves how they see fit. But people need to SAFELY go back to work and I think good information on how to do that is readily available for anyone who wants to see it online.

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