• depends on the type of person being interacted with though. It is not a black and white question. Many factors come into play. Learn the art of people first. However, these are all non quantifiable measures. For one person harshness might not be that harsh as compared to another.
  • Meanness implies hurt (physical force) while harsh or blunt implies sarcasm (communication)
  • Being harsh means disregarding social protocol. Being mean means causing harm without cause. A drill instructor ought to be harsh, because he needs to prepare his soldiers for hardships, but he does so out of concern for the well-being of his soldiers. If a drill instructor was too easy-going, he would not be effective in doing his job, which could lead to a much worse end outcome. On the other hand, a con man can be extremely nice and cordial, only to ultimately rob another person, so it is possible to be very mean whilst being also very smooth and sharp, or whatever the opposite of harsh and blunt is.

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