• How do you know they never saw it? Is there some indicator I've missed for the past 3 years? I look at it the other way around, the answers are for those who do come back whether its the OP (original poster) or not. Some of the questions are rotated from a long time ago and frankly some of those members are dead, but there will most likely be more to follow who may look that Q up or just happen to see it. Besides maybe they forgot their password and can't comment.
    • bostjan64
      Well, if they post a question like "It" or "I" or "Do you" and then you respond with clear instructions on how to edit the question, and they never edit their questions, I think it is fair to assume that they never came back. Likewise, there are many questions that were ambiguous or unclear, where other users on the site asked for clarification, never to receive such. I suppose you are right,, though, that they simply forgot their login credentials.
    • Linda Joy
      Or they could have forgotten on which site they posted. I have a QnA page, I'm in a closed Q&A group and I have AB.

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