• Of course I used to manage a KFC! And I also saw a lot of it as a mechanic in the Navy! I used to carry a grease gun with me going from hangar to hangar doing maintenance mostly on maintenance stands. Once I was doing maintenance in the grease pit on an aircraft tow tractor that had an oil air filter. I didn't know it was spring loaded and when the nut cracked loose the oil went all over my head and down my coveralls! I had to work like that all day! Now if you had capitalized Grease, I might have thought you were talking about a movie. hehe
  • Yes, usually in the pots and pans after someone else in my household leaves them in the sink.
    • Linda Joy
      At least you have someone else to blame!
  • Yes, and use many pounds of it greasing cars, trucks, farm tractors, and equipment.
  • The movie "Grease". Yes, I have. Did I like it? No, I did not.
  • Yep, John Travolta never ceases to catch my attention with the whole bad boy look in Grease.
  • Unfortunately, yes. I’m not a fan of musicals

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