• Do you or anyone else really want to know the answer to that when they ask the question? I'm going to choose blessed! I was diagnosed with cancer last Oct. and after 3 mos of chemo there was no trace of it! Just got news yesterday I'm going to have to have radiation every day for 3-4 weeks, and there will be more infusions of herceptin for a year, but I know I'm blessed! Mom died from her breast cancer! Now tell us how you are today!
    • bostjan64
      Glad to hear that it's gone! Is the radiation just a preventative thing?
    • Linda Joy
      Yes, to prevent recurrence as well as the herceptin. I was on herceptin with the chemo too. Its for HER2+ cancers.
  • This music is pretty much what I feel like today: (sorry, not sorry for the shameless self-promotion)
  • I am doing fabulous on this Saturday night.

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