• Almost any meal I can put in the microwave and nuke!
  • When I need food in a hurry I don't opt for cooking at all I grab a piece of fruit as its usually because of dropping blood sugar I need it quickly. If I had to put a meal on at home in a hurry for adults I'd start by sauteing onions - at least they will smell food cooking and be appeased. Then I'd throw on some bread. It only takes 12 - 15 minutes to brown some rolls and get something in their bellies. Microwaves are great for one or two, but cooking for more would probably be faster on the stove. Crock pots may be slow cookers, but if you plan properly you can have your meal ready when you walk in the door after work. That's nice! Especially when you've been cooking or serving food all day at work! Ramen is quick, only 3 min after the water boils, pasta is fast, too. But just for me I will often just grab a potato and nuke it. Not a great idea for a diabetic, though.
  • Personally? Sometimes I'll be making something and throw canned corn or instant rice in the microwave as a side dish that requires no thought and one to two minutes total preparation.

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