• I'm poor I don't have to pay for anything but rent, and its less than 4x what you pay for trash removal!! And that includes my water, power, pool and most importantly maintenance (including the yard and pool!) I only have to take my trash to the big bin at the end of the parking lot.
    • bostjan64
      The cheapest rent I've seen out here was in a barn loft, for $65/week - March through October. The other part of the year, a person would likely freeze to death in their sleep, even if they used the supplied kerosene heater (fuel not included).
    • Linda Joy
      Still more than I pay. The apartments rent for 600-700 a month, but mine is subsidized depending on my income. Every time the cost of living raise goes in and I get another $10 a month or so they raise my rent a few dollars as well.

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