• I prefer 90s music to both of those.
  • Before I was “refined music wise” I liked 70’s, the best era of music to be an adoleescent, which I was, yay!
    • Cry me a River
      At least for someone brought up in a non-Christian home, which I was, boo!
  • Music has only gotten better and better as time has progressed. But, somehow, people's tastes keep getting worse and worse, so popular music has gotten really bad now. And by bad, I mean that it is formulaic to the point of losing all of it's potential. Every chord progression now is I - V - vi - IV, verse, chorus, rap verse, chorus, chorus. 3 minutes long, 120-130 BPM, key of either C or G, same instrumentation, same auto-tuned vocals... but I digress. 80's music overall was better, but the music that people actually thought was popular in the 70's was better than what they liked in the 80's. They were both good eras for pop music, though... anyway, carry on...
    • Cry me a River
      In the 80’s I was too busy trying to figure out how to escape adolescence, being married.. so music of the 80’s was of no help at all, having the good old 70’s behind me.
    • Cry me a River
      And as for the 90’s go I was having my second child , .. not at all interested in what the world “had to say” in music.. my adolescence finally being conquered.. yay!!??? carrying on :)
    • bostjan64
      My parents never stopped listening to new music, whether they were trying to escape adolescence, getting married, raising children, etc. I plan to do the same, as I believe music is a powerful way to communicate- that is, if you have something to say or if you are ready to listen.
    • Cry me a River
      Music can be degrading to the spirit, or nourish it. I hate songs where you can’t hear the words. I’m very dense when it comes to songs that way. At least with the 70’s there was a pretense of words. The music made sense.
  • Millennial music, although to touch on your question between the 70's or 80's music: I'll say 80's music is better, cause it's too often remembered more for its costume-party cliches, drinking, smoking and having a good time.

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