• Some say it was Sidis. Einstein said it was Newton, but they were both before Sidis. However, I think Savant holds the record for the highest IQ on record.
    • bostjan64
    • Linda Joy
      Some of those I'd never heard of. I wonder how being that smart makes them feel. I know Sharon Stone and a couple of other actors have really high IQ's.
    • bostjan64
      Much of the IQ testing reported by celebrity gossip magazines and such is based off of assumptions compounded with inferences, rather than anything close to actual testing. For example, pop singer Kesha is reported to have an IQ of 140 (or sometimes significantly higher) are based off of a very convoluted chain of assumptions. It all started with this article: , which claimed that the singer who was caught urinating in the sink of a public restroom planned to attend Bardnard College after high school. From that claim, the media assumed she had achieved a 1500 SAT score, which is the average score of a Barnard College freshmen (although Kesha never graduated from high school, and likely never took the SAT). From that SAT score, it was inferred that her IQ must correlate to the average IQ of a person who achieved that SAT score, which, in round numbers is 140. While I don't know her, and she may well have a very high IQ, I believe that these sorts of inferences are really stupid. In interviews, she clearly doesn't want to talk about her IQ, just about her career, so, why do magazines like Entertainment Weekly want to shove down their reader's throats that her IQ is 140?! It's never been tested, as far as they know, so, it could be any number. Maybe it's 206, maybe it's 73... who knows? Also, who cares? It's not like these celebrities are out there trying to cure coronavirus or design the perfect mousetrap, so why not judge their celebrity character by their acting, music, or sports performance- unless they themselves insist on bringing it up?

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