• Everyone has their limits. People will probably start becoming disaffected by the stay at home orders in increasing numbers rather than all at once, and it will depend on many factors: if the weather gets nicer, people will be more prone to disobey. If the news media shoves its head farther up its own proverbial orifice, people will be more prone to disobey. As people start to disobey, the numbers will again increase, and those who fail to understand how to do simple logical processes will come back out in droves at that point. There is too much misinformation out there about the virus and the treatments, and the actual real information is just being drowned out by stupidity. Outside of that, there is the fact that, unless you are incredibly wealthy, you will have to leave your residence at some point to obtain supplies yourself. Most people already are leaving their homes regularly to buy supplies. The longer this goes, the more different sorts of supplies become essential- going from groceries and gasoline, to small hardware for home repairs and car parts, to new furnaces and water heaters and windows and roofs and new cars, etc. A vaccine is in the works, but even if it ends up being flawless, it'll be many months before it's ready for the general public.
  • I have to go out to chemist, hospital and shopping, and for exercise as I'd been bouncing off the walls if I didn't, we are allowed an hour, for the most part people are respecting the social distancing, but I do wear a mask, and at the shops I wear gloves as well. Police will fine over here if you are found deliberately flouting the rules, although I've seen a number of people doing this.
    • bostjan64
      I went to the grocer yesterday and there were about fifteen other shoppers there, only two without masks. Everyone else was well-behaved. The problem is that it only takes one person not following the rules to ruin it for everyone else, potentially.
    • Linda Joy
      Well if you are protected what's the problem? Maybe they can't get them or wasn't planning on shopping.
  • Looks like the quarantine will run longer than April. I break my day up by taking walks. Thinking about paying some bikes.
    • Linda Joy
      Ours is being lifted in phases, but I'm in the category that has to stay locked up forever! I bought a treadmill for only $35 at the thrift store. You might can find some bikes there, too when they reopen. Do the kids walk with you? Do you teach science on the way?
  • I will stay isolated since by not doing so means more coronavirus cases and therefore more fatalities Self isolating means flattening the curve. To not do so means narrowing the curve. This is one time everyone's actions effects everyone. I mean this to be true in the US and every nation with COVID-19. Plus Most people won’t get sick enough to need a hospital. But those who do could overwhelm the number of beds and care teams that our nation’s hospitals have available.
    • Linda Joy
      I honestly wouldn't mind dying any day, but I want to help my medical team succeed, improve statistics and possibly give someone else hope to make it. Especially if they are not ready to die. But I don't understand how me going out without protection endangers anyone else. It only endangers them if I have it and don't use protection.
    • bostjan64
      "But I don't understand how me going out without protection endangers anyone else. It only endangers them if I have it and don't use protection." Read that back to yourself slowly.
    • mugwort
      The prob is unless you were tested by a reliable testing you could be infected with COVID-19 Many are asymptomatic.

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