• I have albums by both but I think Van Halen are better.
  • Van Halen. GnR had one great album and a bunch of awful ones after that.
    • Nosmo King
      They are not that bad. One crappy song called "Get In The Ring" doesn't make one awful album let alone a bunch of them.
    • bostjan64
      That's not even close to being the worst song on that album. Have you heard "My World?!" I think it's an easily defensible stance. Their second studio album consisted half of cover songs, and contained the trainwreck "One in a Million," full of disgusting slurs. The live songs weren't even really performed live, and the B-side was the better side, but still hit-and-miss. Their follow up to that, the not-a-double-album Use Your Illusion, was mostly filler material that they wrote in haste to stretch out the run time. Several of the songs were purportedly out-takes that didn't make the cut on the first album. And does anyone even remember the Spaghetti Incident or Chinese Democracy? So, I'll double down. GnR had one great album (Appetite for Destruction - every song on the album had hit potential), followed by a bunch of awful ones after that (Lies had one good song and five or six bad songs, Use Your Illusion I had November Rain, a couple of not-bad songs that still weren't as good as anything off of their debut, and several forgettable filler tracks, then Use Your Illusion II, their second-best album, was still mostly filler with just as many horrible tracks as great ones - making it an awful album overall).

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