• I disagree. The pandemic started because of idiots, spread because of the Chinese government, then accelerated because of idiots. Now we are doing a decent job applying the brakes because people started wising up a little.
  • Nope. Pandemics are not under the control of any one person or group. Pandemics are down to individual habits and chance. A leader or dictator can do little more than advise. It's up to the individual to take precautions and seek relevant care when they can.
  • Liar, liar, pants on fire! Its all your fault! That's as reasonable an accusation as what you've flug out there.
  • Which leaders are you referring to?
  • Stubbornness among leaders involves countries being completely "unprepared for a crisis" of this magnitude. As they fight the spread, they also need to fight the spread of disinformation that comes with it.

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