• Walked on his feet
  • Told everybody he was against war, but then cold warred harder than any president before him, attacked Lebanon, invaded Grenada, bombed Libya, sold weapons to Iran whilst putting Saddam Hussein in power to piss off Iran, used the proceeds from arms sales with Iran to attack Nigaragua, declared war on drugs, ignored AIDS in the hopes that it'd just go away, and then left office as one of the most beloved modern presidents. Honestly, if you look at his economic policies, which have since been proven not to work in theory or in practice, you look at his war mongering, and you look at his executive responses (and lack thereof) to public crises, he was not a great president. But the fact that he remained on course and remained a down-to-earth personality makes him a better president than any of the more recent ones.
    • Cry me a River
      Wow, he really ‘cut the cake’ didn’t he?
  • Moved the country closer to the New World Order like those before and after him have done or doing.

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