• They're just looking for attention. Teens always have. Its epidemic now with social media being the fuel. Even adults sometimes do it. Its like they are not comfortable being just them. They have to stand out and get attention. Just like face piercings, tats, neon hair and nudity. Though many children quickly learn how to be exceedingly greedy when it comes to money as well.
    • bostjan64
      Sure. I do things to try to get attention sometimes, too. But I've never made money off of any of my shenanigans, and I'd never consider licking a toilet and posting it on the internet. But, specifically, I was wondering what the mechanic was that converted stupidity into income. If licking a toilet can earn you tens of thousands, maybe I could get a few pennies the next time I have to tell myself "righty-tighty-lefty-loosey" or go through a Thursday morning thinking it's Friday. LOL
    • Linda Joy
      That has more to do with the socialist and communist disease that has infested the US. Everyone thinks they should be paid to exist. Just because they need medicine and food and a way to pay the rent they've been told the government should pay for it. People have turned away from the Bible that says man shall eat by the sweat of his brow and six days shalt thou labor! And when celebrities and athletes get paid to play it follows they'd start thinking this way. Again, social media is feeding it by paying for advertisements on pages full of dumb stuff idiots want to see. I'd lick a public toilet for money if they let me clean it first. No one shows that part, do they? Clicks = ad money.
    • bostjan64
      Naw, doing stupid crap and somehow making a ton of money off of it is a perfect example of how capitalism can go wrong. If it was communism, the people would be sitting around doing nothing instead of doing stupid stuff. No form of economic structure will work if everyone goes full stupid.

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