• I don't think it's fair to blame one individual person.
  • The hidden hand
  • I blame superstition. This thing started because some rich Chinese old person was led to believe that exposure to parts of dead animals could improve health. There is no magical property of eye of newt or scale of pangolin or oil of rufus bat or powder of unicorn balls that brings luck or whatever. People need to stop this stupidity. Secondly, the Chinese government not only purposely stopped enforcing the trade of animals in unsanitary environments, despite what happened with SARS, but refused to acknowledge irrefutable medical data until it was too late to stop an epidemic. Other governments outside of China refused to take the most prudent measures and instead allowed the virus to spread outside of China. The average person refuses to wash their hands properly or cover properly when coughing or sneezing, because they are too stupid to understand the consequences. They are stupid because there is the superstition that making yourself smarter will make you less attractive or whatever. It all circles back to stupidity propagated under the infrastructure of superstition.
  • I think it's those pangolins for being so gosh darn tasty. 😄
  • China. Just because they named it to avoid stigmatizing China, it's still China.
    • bostjan64
      But the outbreak wasn't that bad in China (on paper). They only had 82000 cases (on paper). And only 3300 died from the disease (and they cremated only 56000 of those people).
    • Archie Bunker
      Yeah, that sounds about right.

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