• I want to see how thing fallout after the corona-virus crisis as I think all economies (capitalism and socialism) will have a huge unemployment issue and the call for Universal basic income (UBI) will increase.
    • bostjan64
      I think you are correct. I, personally, don't think that the problem is that minimum wage is too low, but rather, that too many jobs that should pay more than minimum wage do not. A 16 year old working a summer job wiping tables at Waffle Hut should not make the same wage as the people making the waffles there for the last six years. I guess the company doesn't see value in those workers if they pay so little, and that the workers don't think that they can do better. But as the first world emphasizes service economy over manufacturing, this sort of problem might arise.
  • It is a way to impede the concentration of wealth in hands of few people. Also it has been proposed that the national income would be distributed evenly to people.

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