• From my perspective TJ, this is a stepping stone to socialism and then communism, since the goal of communism would be for the state to own all private property, and socialism as Karl Marx said is a process towards communism. For a while now they have been eradicating individuality for group thinking, no race, no religion (or one religion under the lucis trust), no patriotism, no countries, no family since the state mainly raises our children now since women went out to work, they've taken the minds out of the parents control, and once the older generation passes away, the main influence will be the state which is developed all the propaganda we see today through among many, The Frankfurt School and Tavistock Institute. You have the programming of television, gaming, and film. And yes, in this idea people are all brought down to the same level, and there will be no money (which is what contactless payment is getting us use to especially with this "crown" virus where no one wants to touch anything, after all the phone at the end of your hand is close to a micro chip under the skin and that was their goal after 9/11. Everything is already monitored CCTV everywhere, your mobile, your laptop, your smart meters which track everything in your home and know when people are in or out, they even have the data to know what TV programme you are watching, the tracker on all cars from 2014, so on so forth.
  • We've been through much worse and somehow the human race survived long enough to produce us, and not everyone is stupid. But for those who don't like the stupid people going on spring break anyway because they just turned 21 and don't want to miss this experience, or anyone else who is too stupid to self quarantine then the stupid people will die and immediately everyone around you will seem smarter. And for those who believe only the strong survive, you're wrong. Its the most adaptable that survive.

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