• Social banking would have the same problems as private banking. You can actually create your own money, the only reason the bank has ownership of printing money out of thin air, is because people trust their form of promissory note (ie I promise to pay the bearer on demand), since all money is IOU, which is why we work on a debt slavery system, there isn't any value in it other than labour, our gold and silver was taken from us years ago. That was the funny thing about the film Dumb and Dumber, when he spent all the money and replaced it with little notes of promises, because that is exactly what money is. Back in the 1930s, Henry Ford is supposed to have remarked that it was a good thing that most Americans didn't know how banking really works, because if they did, "there'd be a revolution before tomorrow morning".
  • It won't work. You have a ton of people all being irresponsible and the system collapses, then your money is worth nothing. This entire disaster is all about people being irresponsible. The outbreak started because someone was irresponsible with hygiene, knowing what had happened before with SARS. Then the Chinese government was irresponsible in their containment, knowing what had previously happened with SARS. Then the other governments were irresponsible by acting too slowly to stop the spread. Now we are stuck with the disease and no human action can stop it until maybe next year, and the US government is talking about lifting all of the restrictions so that the economy can recover, except that's also irresponsible. Then you have irresponsible folks buying all of the food and TP and then other irresponsible folks are being irresponsible by flushing all sorts of things they are not supposed to be flushing, which is going to shut down sanitation. You think that if the government gave out loans to everyone to buy food and pay rent, that they would do what they are supposed to do with that money? You think that the people involved in the supply chain would resist the urge to gouge their prices even higher as people were able to pay more for a short time? And do you really think the people who control the money would believe that the public at large would be responsible enough to pay those loans back? What do you think happens to the value of something once no one has faith in it anymore? A better solution would be to mobilize the national guard to ration out canned foods and for the federal government to put a moratorium on mortgages and demand that landlords pass the benefit onto renters under penalty. But with the clown we have in charge of everything right now, that will only ever happen once it's too late.
  • You pitch in the first million! People need to quit being babies and expecting the government to suckle them like little titty babies! Grow up and take care of yourself! This attitude is disgusting to anyone who has ever been self sufficient! I'm surprised you can shit without asking the government to help you do it and wipe your ass!! Why didn't your parents raise you to be a grown up and take care of yourself?!! I need a break!!
    • Linda Joy
      I don't know what all the government or the red cross has done to help those affected by this disease. I do know that new provisions have been put in place for repayment of student loans, and unemployment for those who have lost their jobs. Some of our Church meetinghouses have been transformed into makeshift 'hospitals' for those who have the disease. Since you are the one making the accusations maybe you'd like to provide some facts? What supposed necessities are not being provided? You're not talking about the making of medical supplies are you?
  • So you want the government to open a bank? The same government that runs the post office at a multi-million dollar loss every year, up to $8Billion this year? The same government that's $23 TRILLION in the red? Not a good plan.
  • You're too late, kid. Micro Financing is already a thing.

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