• The time to stop the virus passed weeks ago. If everyone gets sick all at once, it'll shut down the economy. If we shut down the economy, we might be able to keep the medical industry propped up longer, although, at this point, I think that ship already sailed as well whilst Trump was hemming and hawing back and forth with his indecision. At the rate we are going, the rate of spread of this thing will be here in about two weeks (I predict late 1st week of April or beginning of 2nd week of April) and then the rate of spread will gradually slow. We will likely see close to 30 000 new cases in one day at the peak. If we can make it to the summer with fewer than 20 000 dead in the USA, we will be lucky. If everyone goes back to breathing in the same snot on the subways and airplanes, it'll only be worse. Either way, whether from the slow burn or the quick blaze of this, the economy is going to be in the toilet. It's going to be a rough time. It's impossible to predict when people will stop being so stupid, but that's what will determine the economic recovery to follow this thing. Maybe the average person will take more responsibility than I expect, and the economy will bounce back in the next couple of years, but based on previous experience and current experience, I don't count on it.
  • Why don't you go to a country that's doing a better job? Frankly, I have faith in the medical professionals in this area. But for those who complained about population overgrowth it seems nature (if you don't believe this virus was weaponized in and by China) has a way of keeping things in balance. For those who complain we can't afford all these baby boomers becoming geriatric patients, well COVID 19 is solving that for you as well! But no, its just another thing to complain about... alarmists and doomsday preachers have everyone stirred up. But we are learning. The natural flu season is ending here. If COVID 19 behaves like the flu we will be back to a new normal by the end of April. Some jobs will end others are being set ablaze! They may not open the pool here this year, and I didn't get to hug my son, but these are minor inconveniences. I did get to see him! And so far I don't have it but I'm sure they'll keep a close eye on me at the VA. And if you choose to look on the bright side you will see our entire world has been cleaned this spring in a combined effort by a global force of humans coming together for a cause greater than themselves, though many did it for selfish reasons, our whole world is cleaner than it probably ever has been! And many people got their first lesson in why you should always be prepared as best you know how. And we were all educated on this new virus and we will bounce back.
    • bostjan64
      "Why don't you go to a country that's doing a better job?" Well, no one can, if they are on loackdown, I guess. I do love the positive attitude! This virus is here to stay, but the people who make it through to the end of the summer will have a tougher immune system for it. I guess there's that.
  • Over here in the UK, Boris was going to let the virus spread for "herd immunity, " which is all very well for those who won't die of it. Things have since changed as the death count has risen and now we are on "lock down" which means no non essential travel, no mixing in two's outside the home. We've got markers on pharmacy floors, and supermarkets to keep people apart. Sadly, my friend attended a funeral, only allowed eight people sitting 2 metres apart, all funerals from now on will be on Skype. So it's pretty dire. But harsh measures will take pressure off the NHS in the long run, because once numbers get too high at any one time, then the NHS won't cope, also bearing in mind those workers are putting themselves at risk. This is something Trump should be thinking about considering the rapid spread in Italy and China. If Hot weather is a preventer of rapid infection then we don't get that till around late May.
    • bostjan64
      I'd like to expound on what you brought up. Number one, we are still learning about this virus. Many viral diseases have long-term effects. There may or may not be permanent pulmonary damage from infection. If there is, it would be incredibly stupid to allow it to spread. Two, we don't know if the "social distancing" strategies will help or not. We have seen that the virus has been worse in Europe than it was in Southeast Asia. Maybe because of preparedness, or perhaps it is due to strategic differences. About the only thing we are fairly certain of is that the virus doesn't discriminate based on race or blood type as some people have (uninformedly) speculated. Three, here in the USA, we are already at hospital capacity in many places, and we are a couple weeks away from the peak of the rate of transmission here. There have been a lot of good ideas about converting unused schools and college campuses into makeshift hospitals, but there are a lot of people screaming about getting germs all over everything. I think it's just a matter of having the right perspective, personally. Four, based on the way this has spread in Australia and is starting to spread in South Africa and South America, I think it is safe to say that the virus doesn't care what season it is outside.
    • Creamcrackered
      Yes they've already extended places here, they are going to use the ExCel centre in London for a 4,000 bed make shift hospital, and yes I'm with you on the hot countries you are right, they also said that since hot weather means crowds that this could increase the transference.

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