• click the orange icon with the pencil to edit your question take out the ' and key it back in click the red icon to save and see what happens then.
  • This site returns an error every time someone tries to use a back-tick instead of a proper apostrophe. I don't know why this is so common. Standard QWERT (USA) and QWERTZ (EU) keyboard layouts make it much easier to use the appropriate punctuation marks than the back-tick.
    • Linda Joy
      Or when they try to copy it in from another editor.
  • Nah, it's just more Trump lies. China actually did a far better job of containment than the US during the Trump induced trade war.
    • Linda Joy
      For those who want to know THE TRUTH about the virus:
    • Mwinston222
      Actually I was part of a research team mobilized in November by the president. The Chinese government ignored our pleas to help.
  • I think you might be ill informed. The virus's existence wasn't internationally known at the time you allege.

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