• Why is TP the indicator of panic anyway?!
    • Linda Joy
      When I went to the store, they were out of a LOT of stuff! I think many people live week to week and when they were told to stay home they decided they needed to stock up on everything. Here when there is a prediction of snow everyone buys up all the tp, milk and bread. But then I heard that pop tart sales skyrocket as well... and beer!
    • mushroom
      Prior to one snowstorm, not only was all the bread, milk and toilet paper gone, but all of the flour was gone too.
    • bostjan64
      If all of the businesses shut down, they will have to lay everyone off. If everyone is laid off, there will be a shortage of unemployment benefits. It could be 2-3 months before this winds down enough for things to go back to normal. But that milk and bread isn't going to be good for 3 months. Maybe the extra TP is for when you get sick from drinking milk that expired 6 weeks ago?
    • Linda Joy
      Flour?!! I didn't know anyone still knew how to cook!! Hahaha! I had a loaf of bread left on my door!
    • Linda Joy
      I know some people that are still getting paid, and most grocery stores do curbside pickup now which will limit contamination, but certain items are out of stock and I couldn't schedule a pickup for today and not until noon tomorrow. They were out of pizzas and distilled water (I need for my cpap machine).
    • Linda Joy
      Now I can't order at all. It keeps giving me an error message.
    • Berzyerk
      TP is cheap, consumable, and nonperishable.
  • The paper and portable bidets are not bought because of diarrhea - imodium and other medication would be more useful.

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