• Did your work not give you instructions on how to telecommute? Are they going to school children online? That may be the only good thing to come of this! Should save on gas, and laundry. You can still call for delivery, right? Or are they shutting all that down, too? I think the government is getting far too controlling!
    • Black Mystique
      Yep, I have telecommuted in the past but never had to work and school kids at the same time. In addition, everything is closed to the kids. No group activities, no libraries, no museums, no scouting. Just walks and games at home. What I'm saying is that to work and instruct/entertain multiple kids during the day is going to be a challenge.
    • Linda Joy
      Did they send work home with the kids? Could you hire a babysitter for part of the day? Hey, you could make them do your spring cleaning! Make it a game, a race! Or start a long project. What are their interests?
    • Linda Joy
      Star Wars and Frozen are being released early! Maybe some online sites are doing something special age appropriate, have you checked? You have Netflix, right? I haven't even checked what they're doing.
  • I saw this on FB today and thought about this question. I hope you can see it!

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