• It's true, but Scrabble is still better ;)
    • Linda Joy
      Will you share a link? I'd like to check it out. I used to play text twist a long time ago. I had forgotten about those!
    • mushroom
  • Spider solitaire is awesome.
    • Linda Joy
      I like Klondike, Spider, and Free Cell the most. I don't like Pyramid or Tri Peaks as well.
  • I agree, AB is a good source to feed your mind if you do have one. 😆
  • I like solitaire! And new skills were developed when I first learned to play them. But I think just like with puzzles it keeps your mind active. I play solitaire every day, and I have a Yhatzee solitaire, Sudoku, and a puzzle page as well I like. I like the interaction on the Q&A sites, too though! And I'll admit since I got cancer my FB has been more active trying to keep everyone updated so I don't get so many pm's and phone calls. But I will admit I like Q&A best.
  • Nope. It used to be interesting. These days solitaire is better
    • Archie Bunker
      Playing with yourself is useful skill. Even if it's playing solitaire.

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