• What does that mean really?
    • Linda Joy
      That's why I asked! lol
  • "Social Justice" is a concept that everything should be equal - equal opportunities, equal birthright, equal treatment, etc. It can go as far as equal results for unequal input. For example, many who subscribe to the idea of social justice believe that people deserve equal pay whether they share an equal burden of workload or not. Personally, I don't believe in equal birthright. As a father, I think that if I want to work very hard and be very patient to save up for my own child to have whatever small advantages I can afford, then that's my prerogative. I do believe in equal opportunities to the extent that each individual should be given opportunities based solely on performance and metrics of aptitude based on performance alone, not based on statistics calculated from demographic information. For example, if two students both have 3.8 GPA and 1520 SAT, similar extracurriculars and submit similar essays, applying for the same university program, the university should either accept or decline both, not choose one based on race, gender, or creed. Affirmative action, for example, is a program of "social justice," because it applies demographic information to determine acceptance criteria.
    • Archie Bunker
      "Affirmative action, for example, is a program of "social justice," because it applies demographic information to determine acceptance criteria." ---- based soley on skin color. Hence, legal discrimination.
    • bostjan64
      Absolutely. Affirmative action discriminates against minorities. If a person is ethnically Asian, they will have a much more difficult time getting into a good university, because the university is forced, through affirmative action, to raise the requirements for Asian students, sometime to the point that they will need perfect GPA and standardized test scores, whereas majority students can afford to make a small number of mistakes, academically, and still be admitted. There is no way to see that as a policy that is anything but racist. Yet it is written into our laws.
  • Great question Linda Joy. I will cite examples: The end of Redlining 52 years ago.("Racial discrimination in mortgage lending in the 1930s shaped the demographic and wealth patterns of American communities today, a new study shows, with 3 out of 4 neighborhoods “redlined” on government maps 80 years ago continuing to struggle economically." Tracy Jan 18)______________One person one vote regardless of ethnicity, gender or social status. _________________The Clean Air Act, The Clean Water Act____________The right for farmers to collect their own seeds for next years crops___________Getting a nursing home shut down due to toxic mold coverup____________Protection of wistleblowers and Journalists that expose corruption__________________________Ending homelessness_________Equal pay for equal work_______Universal publicly funded healthcare while retraining those in the private health insurance business____________For the govt to negotiate for lower drug prices._______________That private wealth and public good are in harmony________________________And much much more.............Here is a good resource to read regarding Social Justice-----
    • Archie Bunker
      Don't forget the redistribution of wealth.
    • Roaring
      Too broad and general a phrase for me. I would say this: Have Amazon, pay taxes on their earnings. Reduce wasteful govt spending and their lobbists. Phase out Oil & Gas subsidies Close loopholes where money can be stashed in tax free zones like the Cayman Islands etc... and then use that tax money to strengthen the social safety net, healthcare, housing, education, and equal protection under the law.
  • Social justice means whatever the social justice warriors want it to mean at any particular time. It means absolutely nothing to me other than a meaningless talking point.

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