• That's a generalization should not be applied to everyone...including male or females. Sexually perverted can be either gender.
  • Sure. I even perve on myself, by watching myself naked in the mirror.
  • Many, but not all.
  • Hell yeah we are. But it's not really our fault. Men are wired differently than women when it comes to sex. It's been in a few papers.
    • Yenyo4eva
      What if they fall in love are they still pervy towards other women
    • Archie Bunker
      As the saying goes, you can go window shopping, you just can't buy anything. It's in man's nature to look at other females. Men are much more aroused by the visual than women. That's just human nature. Whether or not they act on those visuals depends on the person's character.
    • Linda Joy
      Good comment, Archie. I believe its hard wired into their DNA for reasons of survival of the human race. But some men learn self restraint in the short run CAN lead to more happiness and fulfillment in the long run.
    • Roaring
      Agree with Archie and Linda joy. I have a great deal of restraint while at the same time my eyes and my imagination roam free. I have unintentionally offended a girlfriend of mine when my wandering eyes were going places on other women. I appreciated her letting me know this.
    • Archie Bunker
      I watched an interesting video about this. Explains how visual we men actually are. Even to the point of men looking up the skirts on mannequins in the stores. Funny, but enlightening.
  • I've not got round to meeting every guy, nor do I plan to.
  • I wouldn't know "every guy" to give you an accurate answer. 😆
  • Not all Men are pervy , there is also Women who are pervy so we got watch how loosley we use that word .

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