• I'm a little confused by the qualification of "civilian." As opposed to police or military? Well. I don't think Chimpanzees make particularly good pets, and I'm also unaware of military or police applications, so I would say, generally speaking, that no one should have a chimpanzee as a pet. As for a legal allowance, though, I don't know why they should be expressly disallowed. I suppose anyone who wants to keep a dangerous pet is simply liable for controlling their pet, whether it's a chimpanzee, elephant, dog, cat, armadillo, or tardigrade. Same goes for snakes. I could see, though where snakes might have applications in customs and border patrol, since they can get in and out of tight spots where people might be tempted to smuggle things. I suppose there are snakes that can be nice pets, too. I had a pet garter snake once. I set it free after a couple of weeks, though, since it didn't seem to be too happy. I was only 7 at the time and didn't really know how to care for a snake anyway.
  • Chimpanzees? Absolutely not... Snakes? Sure, provided it's not as big as a human baby.
  • Chimps are horrible pets - dangerous little mofo's too. Snakes that are domesticated are much better in comparison.
    • mushroom
      I doubt that snakes or any reptiles or amphibians can be domesticated, however, they can become accustomed to handling.
  • As long as they look after them properly, I don't see why not.

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