• I use to allow my kitten to nip me, but then I started to wear a sock
  • Are you saying you don't believe the information at the link you posted? I think cats should be trained not to bite. And yes, it can be dangerous to have a cute cat at home. But you can manage a lot of the risks by making sure it is up to date on its immunizations and trained not to bite.
  • As long as it's not a Big Cat like a lion, tiger or other large wild animal from the cat family biting you, then you'll live to share your experience with home pets.
  • Cats carry a lot of diseases and can be rather unsanitary. A well-trained cat can be a good pet, but an ill-mannered cat with poor house-training can make you sick.
  • I used to love them. My grandfathers cats used to go absolutely mental on my hands. As long as you're not letting them draw blood, and you wash your hands after, it's pretty much harmless.

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