• I don't know how much stuff you have but that seems small to me. You may want to go with a tall bookcase and bunk beds so you can make use of the vertical space. I once made a little play place on my grandson's top bunk and he was able to keep most of his toys up there. I also had bunk beds myself and used the top bunk for storage. I used 4 large plastic bins. You could also sleep on the top bunk and use the bottom for storage. What kind of 'stuffs' do you need to make room for? You have a closet, right?
  • Divide your 11 sq. meters by the number of walls you want to decorate. That will give you the number of your sq. meters that you can use per wall. Have you decided on what colored meters you want to use ?
  • What do I do if my meters are round?
  • Just use old newpapers. It's cheap and readily available.

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