• It would be much more effective if you could get China to stop trying to weaponize viruses! This is your socialism ==> communism at work! How do you like it now?
  • Oh boy. So, first off, a lot of those n95 masks that are intended to protect you are made in China. So, what do we do - repack their own stuff and ship it back? Ok, sounds kind of odd, but if that's what they need... oh, but there's more! Some of the Chinese authorities have mentioned us not sending the masks back to China, because they have no way of knowing if the masks are phony or not! Wait a minute! We bought YOUR masks to protect OUR people from deadly diseases, and now that YOU have a dangerous disease going around, YOU don't want YOUR OWN masks back, because they might not work?!?!?!?!
  • How about no? How about China take care of it and use their own money.

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