• Hopefully the spell of Teflon Don will break by then and you muricans can then vote in a proper human being.
    • Archie Bunker
      I'll stick with the historic unemployment numbers and record Wall Street.
  • I'm gonna stick with Jim Jordan. I like him. But people wonder why Congress has such an amazing polling numbers.
  • There is a large degree of hypocrisy in chanting "lock her up" when HRC illegally hid her emails then, four years later, saying that DJT is doing nothing wrong by refusing to hand over documents and witnesses who are legally subpoenaed by the House of Representatives. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, Trump, Clinton, Pelosi, McConnel, ... none of those folks have anyone's interests at heart but their own. The only one who isn't a corrupt career politician is Trump, and he's a corrupt businessman, which is certainly no better. The system here in the USA is rigged such that no honest person could ever be elevated to the position of president.
    • Archie Bunker
      HRC deleting her emails is violation of the Federal Records Act. DJT not handing over documents and letting people testify is a legal use of executive privilege. Not doing what the democrat-led House wants you do do is not obstruction of Congress.
    • bostjan64
      " DJT not handing over documents and letting people testify is a legal use of executive privilege. " That's not correct. IF Trump had consistently NOT tweeted publicly about the proceedings, then executive privilege MIGHT be a legal grey area. In this case, though, since he has continued to communicate with the public about the information being sought by congress, he cannot legally envoke executive privilege. As I mentioned, refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena is a crime. HRC also committed a crime, and so did her husband when he lied under oath. Those are all pretty serious crimes, and HRC's excuse of "I didn't know it was a crime" isn't a proper excuse, either. HRC, WJC, DJT, etc., they are all criminals. You are a criminal when you commit a crime, not when you get caught (the term should not be confused with "convict").
    • Archie Bunker
      Well, you're wrong, 64. He can legally invoke privilege. Thing is, the leftists were in such a hurry to get the impeachment done, they didn't want to challenge privilege in court, which they're allowed to do. But, they were in a huge rush for Pelosi to hold on to the charges for about a month so that the senators running for President wouldn't be able to campaign in Iowa.

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