• Stop for a minute. Have you lost your job because of this? Have you faced tangible economic damages from this? If so, go ahead and call an attorney. If not, then no attorney with half a brain will take this case. Have you told the principle to stop whatever it is he's doing to harass you? If not, it doesn't even meet the legal requirement defining harassment. If you can't stick up for yourself, people will walk all over you. An attorney will only stick up for you if there's a lot of money in it. There are a half dozen steps you need to take before you involve the courts. Once those are exhausted, go ahead and tell your smartphone "hey google, call a law office near me," or google "Law office in Chauatuqua county" and make the phone call.
  • Other than what bostjan said... Another option is to call your union rep. Have you asked others if they are being harassed?
  • What movie?

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