• I haven't bought a Christmas tree this century! But my Aunt Dorothy used to wrap hers in plastic wrap and put it in the closet fully decorated so she wouldn't have to do it again the next year. If you're talking about a live tree, they usually have donation centers where the trees are put in a chipper and used for landscaping mulch. How about YOU plant YOUR tree and let others make their own choices, AXE!
  • My family uses a small plastic tree every year. I think the days of the freshly cut spruce tree in the average American household are gone.
    • Linda Joy
      Not quite yet, but it is trending that way. "There are approximately 25-30 million Real Christmas Trees sold in the U.S. every year. There are close to 350 million Real Christmas Trees currently growing on Christmas Tree farms in the U.S. alone,"
    • bostjan64
      Why are you capitalizing the first letter of each word? Are you talking about real Christmas trees or Real Christmas TreesĀ®?
    • Linda Joy
      Um maybe you need a new prescription for your eyewear and didn't see the "". Its a cut and paste from a google search. Wow, I never knew capital letters could be so confusing for a genuis!
  • I take it apart, put it back in the box and take it back downstairs.
    • Linda Joy
      I used to do that, too! Toilet paper rolls work well for closing the branches back up. Only I'd put it in the shed because I don't have a basement.
    • Archie Bunker
      Toilet paper rolls?
    • Linda Joy
      The cardboard at the center of the tp roll. I had a tree that the branches branched out the rolls keep them together. And on the larger branches I used pringles cans.
    • Archie Bunker
      It would seem much easier to squish them all together to the truck instead of adding cans and cardboard rolls.
  • You could in theory grow a harvestable tree every seven years, so growing seven such could provide you with a tree every year. Several northern states are the most prolific producers.
  • I've had the same Christmas tree for a long time, I didn't buy a new one last year.

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