• I always over book myself because I feel that I my miss out or miss being part of something. What I am learning is that most things will happen again is some form or another.
  • Its a choice how you react. No one else is in control of your mind or body. And if you think they are THEN you need to see a mental health professional! Do you need to know what's going on in The Congo or The Sudan? Do you need to know what's going on in Congress? At the hospital? In your neighbor's house? Things go on all the time without your supervision and they will carry on without you. What you are truly missing out on is your own life because you feel you have to know what everyone else is doing. If you had a serious problem in your life you'd be more concerned with that and wouldn't be as concerned about what everyone else is doing. Its not psychological or a phobia. You're just nosey and need to find more purpose in your own life.
    • PrinceR75
      Linda Joy - If it was my choice I wouldn't be asking this question in the first place.. and no I don't need to know about everything smartass, i neither is being nosey, I thought I needed help but I see now that is you who does, word of advice, you should focus on having a better life and being in a better mood before answering questions online..
    • Linda Joy
      Who is controlling your mind if its not YOUR CHOICE what you think about? No, really! Think about it! You've just chosen to worry about what others are doing instead of getting a project of your own! I know this because I've already been to therapy! Dumbass! And you are the one who asked a question to which you didn't want to hear the answer! And I have a good life despite my illnesses. I spend most of my time here laughing at stupid questions and asking some stupid questions of my own. Why would you assume I'm in a bad mood just because I was honest with you? Go volunteer at a homeless shelter and see some real people with real problems not made up ones. Maybe you can actually help some of them and feel good about what you've done instead of crying over what you may have missed. I promise you if you do something worth doing you won't be afraid of what you're missing out on. I know this because I make hats for Childrens' Hospital patients, and cancer patients and women in homeless shelters. My new project is making nests for places that rescue animals. A friend offered to buy me the yarn if I crochet the nests. I get to feel good about what I do, even when I can't do anything but crochet because I'm so tired from chemo I can barely make it to the toilet before my bowels bust loose, but the really sad thing is my life on chemo is better than yours simply because you choose to obsess about what others are doing!!
    • PrinceR75
      Well, you just proved my point.. im sorry for your illness but it's no ones fault, you trying to take it out on people isn't gonna make it go away, do as much charity as you can, you're still a miserable cunt, i can see it from a mile away.. and no ITS NOT MY CHOICE, i repeat this for the second time, if it was i would have not posted this, that was the whole point of the question, i can't control the way i feel about certain things nor does anyone else, so stop being a dumbass about it.
  • That's life.... we all miss out on things. Getting upset or angry means you have some issues you need to deal with.

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